Sunday, July 13, 2008

Where I did NOT knit this weekend

I had a great time at a ball game! It was a minor league game between the Jacksonville Suns and the Mississippi Braves. The boy had a great time, too. He sang the team jingle today.

My friend, Kathy and her daughter got my family tickets and we all sat just off of third base. It's a seat where you HAVE to watch the game, or you could get beaned by a foul ball! Great weather that night, 80 deg F with a light breeze.

And, we stayed for all nine innings, PLUS the double header 7 inning game! And, Ellen got me peanuts, and Kathy gave me her Cracker Jack, and the boy found a Star Wars pinball machine behind the concessions store. What a great night!

Jimmy Buffet night is coming up! I doubt he'll be singing or pitching. Maybe there will be free margarita's?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sharp upward jab to the diaphram

"Thank you for saving my life, Daddy."

Well, it kinda goes without saying, but it's nice to hear it every once in awhile.

I had been looking forward to playing Guitar Hero (Aerosmith version) all day, and I had just got the game turned on, and my nearly-five-year-old was in his little chair, watching the beginning logos flash on.

Just as I start the practice, he sticks out his tongue and asks, "Daddy, is this Life Saver small enough?"

I bent down to look. I couldn't see the thing. Apparently it was green.

So, I started the practice again, and just as I was about to start the first note, the boy stands up, walks toward me, then past me toward his mother.

Sigh. He wasn't breathing. I took off my special Aerosmith guitar, and set it on the couch, and wrapped my arms around him from behind. I hit him with the Heimlich maneuver twice. I was a little low, but I could hear him at least wheezing. I know the story behind the hole in Life Savers candy.

He made it to his mom, and sat and coughed at her until he vomited all over her a couple times.

To make a long story not so long, I got four stars on Love in an Elevator on medium! Way cool.

So, today, I was talking to two mom's at the daycare. They are super moms, and their kids are darn adorable, too. One was telling the other about my boy's choking incident. It turns out, they both said they doubt they'd be able to remember the Heimlich maneuver.

I watched a lot of TV when I was a kid. Every TV series had an episode where someone was choking. I mean, if it wasn't Kris saving Bosley on Charlie's Angels, then it was some kid saving grandpa on CHiPs. Gopher saving Charo on the Love Boat, right before the episode where Charo saves David Boyle on Fantasy Island (fresh from being saved by Kris on Charlie's Angels). I think Shaggy dislodged a Scooby Snack from Scooby-do, smacking the Sloshing Swamp Ghost in the head, knocking it out cold. Hooray for meddling kids who know the Heimlich maneuver.

I think there was some sort of public service campaign. Lots of shows showed it. Then, TV tried it out with CPR. Wasn't there a Designing Women CPR episode after Dixie Carter has a heart attack seeing how they secretly painted her office all black.

Anyway, what's the big public service schtick now? I don't get to watch as many shows now adays. I should ask some kids. I think today is, Recycle.

So, kids, if I'm choking, go throw that water bottle in the recycling bin.