Monday, September 8, 2008

Spot the mens wear.

This is a shot of my inspiration board. I love knitting, and fashion. I've always found womens wear to be MUCH more diverse, creative, fun, and inspiring than mens wear.

Until Sunday. I found a piece of mens wear that REALLY made me want to stop knitting socks and start putting together a sweater design. Can you spot it between all the fairies?

Wish upon a star, and whatever else strikes you.

When I was a kid, I would get a wish if my Tootsie Roll Pop wrapper had a boy with a bow and arrow shooting a star.

What did you wish on?

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Take a piece of Stride gum. Chew well.

Sip some Diet Cherry Coke, or diet Dr. Pepper.

Then, all I taste is carbonated water. Nothing else.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Look Who Spins!

Yep, I just got back from Disney World, and I finally found Mallie's Psychic Outfitters and Fiber Arts Supply!

She had some of the most gorgeous fibers made from unexpected sources! Cattail, Frog Gut, and even some imported gold-spun lace weight, hand spun by Roger Schnitzelheim. No, that wasn't it. Russel Stiltonsong. Rummy Schlitzkein? How come I can't remember his name?

Anyway, I just HAD to pick up a few skeins of her latest shimmering blend. It's simply magical. Hand spun, of course, from the silk of spiders by the light of the full moon. Using her secret patented dying process, Mallie's made a fiber only the keenest eye of one highly skilled in the fiber arts can even see! Fantastic!

Check out this sock weight Nadazilchnil:

Definitely enough yarn here to make me a pair of flippin' knee-high cable socks if I want. Of course, I'd be looking aweful silly in Nadazilchnil knee-high socks, but you get my drift. 1600 yards! And light as a feather! Definitely the yarn to use for hot Florida summers!

Here I swatched a little bit of the Deaton pattern. Dangnabbit, I tell you, the pictures do NOT do it justice! The way this Nadazilchnil knits up to a fine drape-- it's almost evil!

I just want to leap into it and take a nap! A really loooooong nap.

I blew my whole yarn budget on Mallie's Nadazilchnil, but it was worth it!

Rumpoles Tilzkint?