Saturday, June 6, 2009

Nightstand Strata

I could not find my newest pair of glasses. They were not on my side of the dresser, nor in my catch-all dresser drawer. They were not in my bag. They were not on my face, either. Though, I have found them there before.

So, I needed to excavate my nightstand to see if they slipped in there some how.

I do this every now and then.

On my nightstand:
Phone, lamp, clock-radio, a box of Kleenex, a Tinker Bell mug of water on a coaster.

My aunt Carol's address.

Receipts for: a Lily Allen CD, a coffee, two for art supplies, and one for a surgical procedure.

A dime, a little bit of rubbery plastic.

A Tinker Bell pin, a stuffed fairy named Snow, two pairs of hand-knit socks--one pair has never been worn.

Two pens, my blue-framed glasses (not the ones I was looking for), my half-rimmed glasses (the ones I WAS looking for!)

Scraps of yarn, a Tinker Bell bucket of yarn including three skeins of Politically Incorrect yarn.

A framed wallet-sized picture of my goddaughter from about 5 years ago.

Then, the stack of books:
There's Nothing Funny About Design, by David Barringer
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Century 1910
Complete Dracula, issue 1
Grimm Fairy Tales, issues 36-8 (unread)
Strangers in Paradise comics, Vol 1 Is. 3; Vol 3, Is. 2, 3, 51-3, 61, 76.

Two birthday cards.

Marvel Adventures: Spider-man #27 (my boy's)
Echo, # 1-12, plus a second copy of #2. (All mine.)
Astonishing X-Men #29

Interweave Knits Summer 2009
Tao, The Watercourse Way, Alan Watts
Parabola, sp 2009
Pad of translucent vellum
Naked, by David Sedaris (Not as amusing as I had thought)
Small book of grid paper
How to Draw Celtic Knotwork
Celtic Knotwork Designs
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Is. 2009
Interweave Knits Sp 2009