Sunday, August 23, 2009

Who's That Twit?

So, I do the Facebook (FB) thing. Played a little FB backgammon, some Bejeweled Blitz, and Farm Town. I've learned I'd make an excellent Clone Trooper, and I'm more of a Rachel from Friends. I've told cyberspace my favorite supermodel is Trish Goff, and I love Marvel Comics' Storm. And, I can hardly get enough of the Dog Whisperer show. But, really, I just like to see what my FB friends are up to.

Then, there is Twitter. I've Twittered off and on. I found a celebrity I really like to follow. I loved Samantha Who? and her appearance in this video during the writers' strike was hilarious! I found Christina Applegate's Twitter ID through FB or her web site. It turns out, she loves the NYT crossword puzzle, and slow music, and Lee National Denim Day. It's just kinda nifty to follow her for awhile.

I've also followed Alicia Keys, and seen her new shoe purchases.

I've read about how Kelly Ripa is really tired, but on the plane home.

Then, I became addicted to finding celebrities. I'm following 19 Twits now, most of them celebrities. Alyssa Milano is on her honeymoon, and reposts news stories and tweets about favorite causes. Rose McGowan loves her dogs, and found a Dustbuster isn't the best way to clean up exploded overcooked eggs.
John Cleese is selling t-shirts, and Paula Abdul went to bed early. Kristen Bell did NOT fall asleep cooking eggs, but DID fall asleep in a car wash recliner.

Just a few people follow me on Twitter. I'm no Carrie Ann Inaba, but every now and then, I find my Twitter Followers number jumps to 6. It's usually some aspiring porn actress needing attention. You can usually tell because their Twitter name has vulgar words in it. Or, all her posts are about her tawdry movie links. Or, she doesn't have a tweet at all.

Last night, another complete stranger started following me. It was someone I've never heard of. Amandabeeson9 is her id. I've tried very hard to find a dirty word in her name. She has normal posts about taking her mom and sister to lunch. Her GlamourShot pic looks a little like Jamie Presley, but not overtly alluring.

So, now I'm following this COMPLETE stranger. I don't know why this should feel weird to me. I mean, all these celebrities I'm following are strangers to me. So far, all I've learned about Amandabeeson9 is she has a mom, and by googling her tweet "Upscale Waffle: Aloe," I've discovered she probably lives with her roommate in New York City. But, at the first sign of "buy my new sexy DVD," I am soooo blocking her.

Friday, August 7, 2009