Saturday, June 7, 2008

Meeting knitters

So, standing in front of the knitting books at a two-story Borders in St. Paul, MN, I hear a fellow shopper asking a non-knitting Borders employee, "I'm looking for the book called The Yarn Harlot."

Turns out, I was standing right in front of her books. I picked up the latest (Things I Learned From Knitting (Whether I Wanted To or Not)), and when they made their way to me I held it up and said, "Here's her latest. It's her funniest one so far."

The Borders lady took the book from me and told her customer, "Here's her latest. It's her funniest one so far, evidently."

So, the customer the customer was new to knitting, and asked me if I knit. Her husband asked if people ask me, "Where's the yarn?" Um, no. He was the first to ask me that. And, my knitting was in the car.

Maybe my male knittingness freaked out the newbie knitter, so I wandered off to the graphic novels. She left soon after. Without the book (sorry, Ms. Pearl-McPhee, wherever you are).

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