Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Pen Knife

So, have you ever misplaced something? I mean, you JUST had it. You swear up and down you just set it down for a second, and now you can't find it! You look for this something in the same place at least seven times. Then, when you turn around, THERE IT IS! It's in the place you thought you left it! It must have been sitting there all along.

Well, have you thought this: Maybe you didn't misplace it! Maybe the "lost" thing was NOT sitting where you thought it was all along. Maybe it was borrowed. Borrowed by the fay.

Oh, go ahead. Laugh it up. Leave your comments below that I'm nuts.

But, it happens ALL the time to me. The item the fairies have been borrowing quite a bit lately is my pen knife. I keep it in my left front pants pocket-- when it's not being borrowed. It is usually returned to my pants pocket a day or so later. Just this past Saturday I found it in my knitting bag after about four days missing. The knitter sitting next to me wondered why I was giggling, but I didn't tell her.

And, now my pen knife's gone missing again. And, I don't mind. I just smile, and know the pixies are about. Some night, though, I'll be lucky enough to spot them borrowing. You let me know if you catch one, won't you?

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Persnickety Ticker said...

This was adorable!

And that so happens to me all the damn time!