Monday, May 26, 2008

Growing the stash

Up until very recently, my nightstand would have a huge pile of books, magazines, and a sketchbook or two.

Then, I made a New Years Resolution to focus on my knitting.

Now, look at my knitstand, er, nightstand:

A bucket o' yarn. My dpn's, and, Ellen has just informed me, the World's Ugliest Bedside Lamp. (She's looking for a place to put one of her displaced lamps.)

All the books, magazines, sketchbooks that were on there a couple months ago are in the bottom drawer.

And, now lookie here:

My favorite bookcase is getting nooks filled up with yarn. I'll need to find new places for my favorite books. I mean, they are there in case I wake up with heartburn at 3:00 am, and need a little light reading (Jataka Tales anyone?) to entertain me until I can lay down again. Now, I'll be reaching for yarn.

Maybe I can switch the books out with the rest of my stash in the other room.

Does anyone else just want to crawl into their stash and roll around?

Um, I mean, not that I do, no, not me. I was, um, just kidding. Yeah. A joke. Tee-hee-hee.

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