Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why Tinkguy?

My knitting sucks. I mean, I'm getting better, but there are mistakes in just about everything I knit. Yarn-overs where there shouldn't be any, odd decreases, a make-one out of the blue-- but I've become pretty good at covering my tracks, unless it's lace. Shoot, on my last sock gusset, I picked up two extra stitches on one side, and seven extra on the other side!

I can ladder down and back up pretty quick, and I frog now with just a shrug, after I have smoothly weaved in a lifeline. I shifted over a nearly completed gusset 4 stitches. It was a lot more after I had to ladder down all the decreases! Not too smooth, but I did it.

I make mistakes. That's what makes my knitting charming, right?

And, I've become very, very good at tinking. I can tink back a row at just under purl speed!

Thus, I've become a Tinkguy.

And, I'll bet you thought my moniker had to do with a particular, popular pixie.

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