Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Give me an essay! I wanna know!

Have you ever woke up, and just for an instant, had no idea who you were?

Not so much after some all-night drinking binge, but if it happened that way, so be it. "Whatever gets you through the night. It's alright." J. Lennon

And, when realizing you don't know who you are, you start to feel the pieces sliding into place in your self-being-consciousness-- like your vertebrae adjusting one-by-one as you slooooowly stand upright from touching your toes (or, in my case, aiming my fingers at my toes). Name-click. Occupation-click. Do I own pants?-click

Have you ever sat very quietly and dumped your identity? Then, realize you're closer to who you are than when you were keeping track of who you are?

I want to know. I know this makes sense to someone out there.

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Corrina said...

Hmmm.... sometimes I dream that I'm someone else entirely and then I wake up and I'm me. Most times I'm glad.

The worst is when I dream that I'm still with the bad man and I spend the whole dream feeling hopeless and having no idea that it is a dream. And then I wake up in this house with the good man and all of the sudden I appreciate things.