Friday, August 1, 2008

this guy and work music

I saw a guy adjust his wildly flapping t-shirt with both hands, as he stood up on his motorcycle while speeding away at 65 mph on 9A this morning in rush hour traffic. He snapped a hand-signal lane change, looking in the direction he pointed. I might have been watching an Usher video. Then, he rocked low, side-to-side to change lanes. He must really like the rides at Disney World. At least he was wearing a helmet.


Just like everyone you ask will say they have a good sense of humor, everyone will tell you they listen to a variety of music.

I don't.

I've listened to Mariah Carey's Daydream at work for four hours straight today. Then, Christina Aguilera's Stripped for four hours. I've listened to The Corrs' Dreams in the car for over six months. Nothing but that CD.

I've got this iPod playlist I play when I need to work, and just can't get moving. It's got 54 songs in it now. From Girl From Ipanema to Prince's Sexy M.F. I add a couple new ones now and then. This playlist can make me breeze through a load of dishes, or two hours of house cleaning. (I watch old movies when folding laundry.)

Now, there IS some music I can't work to. It's not that I don't LIKE the music. I just can't listen to it AND work.

Like classical music. When classical music is on, I find that I've stopped working, and I'm just gazing off into nothing, listening.

Or, country music. When country music is on, I find I've stopped working, and I'm just crying and wishing I was drunk.

Anyway, at work yesterday, I found I can't work to Ray Charles. I LOVE Ray Charles since I don't know when. But, it was a sad moment when I popped the CD out of my work computer, and told Ray I won't be listening to him any more at work.


So, greater Earth-area, what music gets you working? Does it matter what the work is? Do you listen to Sinatra for yard work, The Kinks when dusting, and Patsy Cline when cleaning up from last night's lingerie party?


Corrina said...

At home I've started classifying my music tastes by the Sirius channel I listen to. For housework it's Classic Vinyl - a fair bit of old rock. For fixing dinner it's Unforgettable - which is standards, and stuff like the Peggy Lee - you know, apron & pearls music. For schoolwork it's Ensemble - which is classical.

We will not speak of the Radio Disney which is heard in the car. I won't admit to it.

No, seriously, I AM friendly said...

I have a broad range of music tastes. My primary station is a country genre. My first choice of cds is the Cheer Up Charlie disc. As a former band geek I appreciate the standards and classical stuff too. Then I like to relive my slightly younger days with stuff like Boys II Men, Mary J Blige, Keith Sweat, and the Men In Black soundtrack.